Friday, December 19, 2014

A poem: "Our Beautiful Black Struggle."

Our struggle.

Our drama.

Our fortitude.

Our strength.

Our capacities for kindness.

Our diverse hair lengths.

Our skin color tells the whole world to behold.

Our hue is our badge...and yes, it is bold.

Our blackness.

Our brown-ness.

Our tans and our yellows.

Our genes in all races (though they murmur and bellow).

Our wheeling.

Our dealing.

Our hurt.


Our anger.

Our ability to speak truth to any stranger.

Our laughter.

Our humor.

Our creativity.

Our steadfast in the face of incivility.

Our passions.

Our sadness.

Our intelligence.

Our defiance against government intransigence.

Our Thurgoods.

Our Tubmans.

Our Kings.

Our Truths.

Our Garveys.


Our Xs.

Our African roots.

Our ability to withstand the slings and the arrows.

Our greatness is world-known, right down to our marrow.

Our hearts.

Our smiles.

Our true reality?

We are innocent compared to man's inhumanity.

Copyright (c)  2014 by VL Towler 
All rights reserved. 
No copyright claim to photographs.

**** I just learned that another author used the title, "Our Beautiful Struggle," for his widely-celebrated book, which I have not read and about which I was not consciously aware until today 11/29/15. To the extent that I may have subconsciously heard it, I will be the first to state that the other author thought of the title first.


Oscar Crawford said...

All I know is that you are a developed soul for which I am thankful for connection. O Love

VL Towler said...

Thank you very much, Oscar!

Sylvia Hampton said...
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Sylvia Hampton said...

Powerful. Beautiful...and deeply moving. I love this poem! Well done Ginny!

Sylvia Hampton said...
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TrueBlackPower said...

Wow outstanding we need this it goes straight to the soul

Rose Downes said...

Powerful and encompassing words, icons and experiences. I particularly like the use of the fonts, colors and sizes to emphasize points...both bold truths and strengths and the quiet whispers.

thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

So grateful for your views, insights, and wisdom...The world is a better place with you in it!

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