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Speaking Black...Statistically, that is... Do the Numbers Speak for Themselves?

What do our stats say about Black America?
--> So, all you mathematicians and statisticians out there: what do the facts and figures below tell you about the quality of life for Black Americans in American cities?
This information is not meant to be cited for its accuracy. It is culled, cut, and pasted from different sources, one of them: -- the brainchild of Akim Deshay. This brother has done an amazing job and even the White House used his information to learn more about Black demographics in America.

Another site is listed here:

What do you see when you look at the information below? Do you have any Eureka thoughts about the economic state of Black America?

Share what you think in the comments section. I don't have answers, but I do have lots of questions:

1) What is it like to be a young Black teenager or young adult in our American cities?
2) What happened to Black American households, and why have they dwindled to 1/3 of our population?
3) Why do Black people spend so much time in front of the television (74 hours per week)?
4) Are Black Americans suffering disproportionate health problems, such as high blood pressure and obesity, due to our economic circumstances?
5) If Black Americans contribute almost 1.2 Trillion dollars to the American economy, why is so little of it trickling down to our communities?
6) Are Black businesses truly "black businesses" if they don't contribute to Black economic life in a meaningful way?

Share your thoughts; I share my opinions a lot; but now wish to listen.
Total number of Americans on welfare12,800,000
Total number of Americans on food stamps46,700,000
Total number of Americans on unemployment insurance5,600,000
Percent of the US population on welfare4.1 %
Total government spending on welfare annually (not including food stamps or unemployment)$131.9 billion
Welfare Demographics
Percent of recipients who are white38.8 %
Percent of recipients who are black39.8 %
Percent of recipients who are Hispanic15.7 %
Percent of recipients who are Asian2.4 %
Percent of recipients who are Other3.3 %
Welfare Statistics
Total amount of money you can make monthly and still receive Welfare$1000
Total Number of U.S. States where Welfare pays more than an $8 per hour job39
Number of U.S. States where Welfare pays more than a $12 per hour job6
Number of U.S. States where Welfare pays more than the average salary of a U.S. Teacher8
Number of African Americans in the US in 200036,400,000
Number of black households there are in the US12,000,000
African American region concentrationPercent of Black Population
South54.8 %
Midwest18.8 %
Northeast17.6 %
West8.9 %
Number of African Americans who live in suburban neighborhoods14,000,000
African American Education LevelsPercent
High School Graduates77.6 %
Bachelor’s degree or higher14.6 %
Advanced degree4.3 %
African American Financial StatisticsData
Average income of African Americans$32,436
Annual spending power for African Americans$1.2 Trillion
Percent of African American households with incomes of $50,000 or more27.4 %
Percent of African Americans living in poverty23.5 %
Percent of African Americans that are homeowners49 %
African American Business Statistics
Number of African American owned businesses800,000
Revenue generated by African American owned businesses$71,200,000,000
Number of African American fortune 500 CEOs3
Top Five Expenditures of African-American consumersSpending
Housing$121.6 billion
Food$59.2 billion
Cars$32.1 billion
Clothing$27.7 billion
Health Care$17.8 billion

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